Viking Rune Necklaces
Viking Rune Necklaces
Viking Rune Necklaces
Viking Rune Necklaces
Viking Rune Necklaces
Viking Rune Necklaces

Viking Rune Necklaces

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Adorn yourself with a beautifully simple rune necklace, small pewter slabs engraved with the varying runic symbols. Choose one to remind yourself of your goals or to empower you throughout the day! 

These wonderfully simple Rune necklaces, are sure to help you walk your truest path! 

They also come with an informational card (pictured).

"Around 200 B.C. the Nordic tribes of Northern Europe devised these rune symbols to represent the forces of nature. It was believed that by picking the right rune the wearer could harness the power the rune represented." 

Feoh - The rune of success. Something you have been striving for is within your grasp.

Uruz - Wild Ox; the rune of strength and good health indicates ability to resist disease. 

Turaz - The rune of wealth and good fortune. Points to gains both material and emotional from an unexpected source.

Raido - Rune of travel and safe journeys. Also refers to the journey of the soul between heaven and earth. 

Kenaz - Fire; Illumination; the rune of creativity. Good for artists and crafts people. 

Geba - The rune of love and sexuality. Predicts success in love and relationships. 

Khor - Rune of the harvest. Reaping rewards, also the rune of true fight and cosmic justice. 

Eihwaz - The rune of self defense refers to the yew tree from which weapons were fashioned. 

Parz - The rune of mystery. Points to something hidden coming to light. 

Sigel - The rune of will and self confidence. Provides the power and path to follow to make positive changes. 

Tyr - The rune of victory. Points to success in competition. 

Dagaz - Rune of the new day. Points to a fresh start and signifies a time of growth and prosperity. 


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