Bee Mandala Black Slouch-Tee
Bee Mandala Black Slouch-Tee

Bee Mandala Black Slouch-Tee

Relax and Unwind in this amazingly comfortable and breathable 'slouchy' tee! With its epic Bee Mandala Design you can pay homage to the small creatures which keep our Earth alive! Not only are these slouch-tee's made of 100% Organic Cotton, but they also utilize recycled plastic water bottles as the fiber base in all their materials and their Low-Impact dyes help to keep them even more Eco-Friendly! This means that as our customer you not only are able to look fabulous and rock amazing apparel but also decrease your environmental impact!

Relax and stay comfy, with these awesome Bee Mandala Slouch-Tee's!

Made of 50% Organic Cotton and 50% Recycled Plastic Fibers!

Small - Bust Size 40"-42" 

Medium - Bust Size 42"-44"

Large - Bust Size 44"-46"

Extra-Large - Bust Size 46"-48"