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Black Tourmaline & Herkimer Diamond Rings

Black Tourmaline & Herkimer Diamond Rings

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  • Black Tourmaline meaning is one of strength, purity, cleansing, and power. 

    Black Tourmaline stones are often associated with emotional cleansing and purification.

    In other words, the stone has the ability to cleanse the mind of harmful thoughts such as anxiety, rage, and emotions of worthlessness.

    The significance of Black Tourmaline is enormous.

    These stones are also considered a symbol of power.

    Some crystal healers believe that Black Tourmaline crystals can help a person overcome substance misuse by providing inner strength.

    It aids in the elimination of potentially dangerous ideas and behaviors, such as obsessive compulsions and excessive concern.

  • Herkimer Diamonds---Amplifying energy
  • Aiding in meditation
  • Stimulating dreams
  • Promoting peace and harmony
  • Increasing spiritual energy
  • Opening up the crown and third eye chakras
  • Offering clairvoyance, insights, compassion, and telepathic ability
  • Amplifying the energy of other crystals
  • Enhancing psychic abilities and intuition
  • Being a stone of manifestation and can help bring about positive change in one’s life
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