House Blessing Ball/ Witches Ball

House Blessing Ball/ Witches Ball

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These Beautiful Glass balls are filled with Herbs, salts, cinnamon, and earth

The House Blessing Ball is created to bless and protect your home, Keep away negativity, and bring in love and Prosperity,You can hang your Blessing ball in the corner of a room near the ceiling, or near your doors, in your bedroom, or on your tree.

Black salt: used for protection and clearing spaces, and to block negative energies.

Star Anise: to ward off the evil eye, also used to bring good luck in Love,Money and Health Matters

Lavender: Protection and restful home.

Sandal wood: for purification and dispelling of negative energies.

Cinnamon: to bring happiness and comfort

Jasmine flowers, for wealth.

Penny Royal: for healing and also protection

Roses: love and bring in your angels

a sprig of sage

a bay leaf

white salt