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The Sister Witch Company

Kunzite and Hiddenite

Kunzite and Hiddenite

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This wire wrap was made by The Sister Witch Company

Kunzite is a powerful emotional stone- with a joyous and soothing nature. It is perfect for single or first time mothers- or children who are inconsolable or hyperactive. Its centered, grounding, and calm aura helps to calm even the most nervous minds. It is also a great stone to work with before an exam test or trial. It associates with the heart chakra, and will align you with your most loving and carefree self.

Hiddenite- carries an extremely strong, however loving vibration. This stone couples others, whose vibrations may not be as high, very nicely. It helps to heal those dealing with emotional and mental traumas or disorders, like anxiety and stress. While the vibration carried in loving, it's strength will help to uplift your spirits and find your trust and happiest self- within a sea of difficulties. The perfect stone for those healing emotional wounds.

This pendent has BOTH!!!! These two paired together feel so soothing and the vibrations are therapeutic and restorative. One of the best combination of crystals for healing.


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