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Lemurian Quartz ,Colombian Blue Smoke Quartz

Lemurian Quartz ,Colombian Blue Smoke Quartz

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Lemuria was similar to Atlantis and was belived to have been a land bridge connecting Africa and India they called it "The Lost City of Lemuria"

Considered the "Master Crystal" Right from Columbia. Mined in the region of Boyaca, these quartz that wewre able to find, have an Extra Grade and A Grade! They have many micro-inclusions which make the iridescent images on the inside, come to life. Many have extra faces, and very distinctive features. These are stones of ascension, the milky blue hues within - combined with the fragmented rainbows and glittering inclusions - are all aspects of the stone which help to emit a higher level frequency. Inclusions of lithium, these stones calm and restore balance within your body. Allowing you to reach higher levels of your true self. The Lemurian markings on the stone - or tally marks of age and wisdom similar to a tree trunk, help to align your spirit and they work to awaken divine knowledge, which is laced within your DNA - allowing you to recall your contract or place within the universe. 


Lemurian comes out of mother earth with light code bars or "time keepers", spend time connecting to the lemurian light code to help activate your own light codes contained within your earth star. These light codes will release seeds of light from your earth star that will flow through your etheric body reawakening and reconnecting you to your divine plan.

Helpful with communicating and connecting with spirit guides, higher realms, higher self, angels and arcangels. 

* the tray of $30.00 pieces is "our pick"


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