Limited Edition Holiday Diffusion Blends!

Limited Edition Holiday Diffusion Blends!

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With the holidays right around the corner, create the warm and festive environment we all love to celebrate! With Aura Cacia's Limited Edition Holiday Essential Oil Diffusion Blends! 

Citrus Spice - A vibrant blend of orange and lemon with comforting clove and cinnamon! 

Fresh Forest - A blend of pine and fir with a hint of lime zest for freshness!

Make your holidays cheery and delightful, with these pure essential oil blends! 


Aura Cacia was founded thirty years ago, making pure essential oils with true aromatherapy benefits! Their oils are formulated with simple, botanical and mineral-based ingredients that are sourced from nature. With their mission being to provide customers with information regarding the benefits of essential oils and how to safely utilize them. 

Aura Cacia offers a wide variety of pure essential oils that contain no synthetic ingredients. All oils are tested for authenticity to ensure they are made with verified plant oils, providing the full aromatherapy benefits. 

Aura Cacia is the brand used in all of our products here at The Sister Witch Company, we stand by both their products as well as their brand! 

Both Aura Cacia and The Sister Witch Company DO NOT recommend utilizing essential oils internally. Aura Cacia's essential oils follow all FDA guidelines, and strictly advertise that these oils are for aromatherapy uses - or in our case, magical purposes. 

// When Available All Essential Oil Purchases Will Come With DIY Recipe Cards, Appropriate For The Current Season :) //