*Limited Edition*  Winter Witch Roll On

*Limited Edition* Winter Witch Roll On

Dusk settles over the earth, after today the days will begin to get longer again. For now, it is time to enjoy the silent and still darkness. Snow is falling quietly, blanketing the ground. Breathe in the cold and crisp air, with it travels the smell of the forest - rich and earthy. Rest now on a bed of fresh fir needles and enjoy the crackling of a warm campfire. All around you is still. You are at peace. Enjoy the silence and enjoy your rest - rejoice. For tomorrow, the sun will shine again and we all must return to our duties. 


Snow Covered Balsam Fir -- Fresh Ginger Root - Earthy Patchouli  & Sandalwood 


Let this roll on, transport you to a winter-wonderland! Embrace the Winter Witch in you! 


// 10 ML Black Glass Bottle w/ Wood Cap & Black Onyx Roller //