The Fairy Ring - An Oracle of the Fairy Folk
The Fairy Ring - An Oracle of the Fairy Folk

The Fairy Ring - An Oracle of the Fairy Folk

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Written by Anna Franklin & Illustrated by Paul Mason

"Between the Worlds - 

They inhabit the enchanted realm of dreams and legends, often crossing the threshold between this world and the Other world. With the ability to bestow great gifts if favored or wreak household havoc if angered, fairies have long been much loved and much feared in the Celtic Islands. 

Listen to the wisdom of the Little People as they speak through the cards of The Fairy Ring. This new oracle will enchant with its evocative artwork as it enlightens with insightful readings. The full-sized guide-book includes fairy lore; upright and reversed card interpretations, and nine unique card layouts. 

Many fairies are season creatures, so the cards of The Fairy Ring are divided into four suits; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. This motley assortment of fairies - from helpful brownies to ghostly banshees to the ethereal Morgan Le Fey - appear on the cards in the suit of the season in which they are most likely to be seen. Eight additional cards celebrate the ancient Celtic solar and pastoral holidays, long considered to be auspicious days for working with the fae. 

The Gateway to the Other world stands open. Cross the threshold and enter The Fairy Ring, where the gifts and guidance of the fairy folk await you."