About Us

The Sister Witch Company

Formerly, Off the Beaten Path Herbs and More, as of March 2019 we changed our name!

We began as a small brick and mortar shop, tucked away in the back of our commercial space. Throughout the past year, we have steadily grown – moved to the front of the building and expanded considerably in size. Through passion, dedication and pure love for the type of work we pursue here at the Sister Witch Company we have created a loving community of spiritual people. We strive to provide unique and useful products to our customers, alongside personalized and absolutely magical customer service. Our mission remains to provide you with personal and spiritual guidance, through whichever spiritual path you choose – while offering the tools and materials necessary to reach all of your spiritual goals.

Meet the Staff:

Mary Nolan – The Owner

Mary is an eclectic witch, with a love for herbalism and crystals. She spends much of her time forging our native forests for various herbs and plants to make a variety of things. She opened this store, from nearly nothing, with one mission in mind – to provide a unique and magical service to the local people of Southern New Hampshire. Mary is a lover of small business, you can often find her prowling antique stores and local restaurants and diners. Mary is a true believer in finding your own path and loves to help gently guide others towards their highest truth.

Sue Smith – The Manager

I am excited to be on this new life path and have found my love of using crystals and making magical baked goodies, I love being a Kitchen Witch! I'm fun and friendly and love to met others.