Upcoming Events

Welcome to our Upcoming Events page. Here you will find all of our events that are coming your way.  






Feb 24th from 10am to 6pm we will be having our 3rd Magical Market at The Manchester Masonic Temple and this time it's bigger and better!! Two floors of vendors and we also will be having our readers and healers as well. Stay tuned for more information!


 We also offer Marconics, which is an ascension modality.

Sound Baths with crystal singing bowls. Sound Baths are a wonderful way to really help ground you in and cleanse your body and Chakras. I can find where you are blocked and use the energy and vibration to help clear you. Great if you have a hard time turning off your brain.

Aura Readings. You will get a detailed 14-page printout emailed to you that explains about what your Aura colors were and why. You will also leave with a beautiful picture with what your Aura looks like around you that moment in time. 

Tarot Readings

Please call the shop or stop in to find out more about what they are, pricing, and booking. 1-603-275-5889