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African Red Agate Tumbled

African Red Agate Tumbled

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Powerful stone Red Agate has no bounds when it comes to healing properties and benefits!

a multipurpose stone crystal collectors flock to Red Agate is its emotional healing properties. Many healing stones are said to cleanse negative energy and help with bad moods. But while Red Agate can achieve many of the same perks, its approach is vastly different. 

it is also a mighty stone for self-empowerment. Many people suffer from feelings of doubt due to past experiences and tribulations. You might build up an emotional wall that prevents you from experiencing all the beauty of life.

 you can break down those barriers and live life to the fullest. It imbues you with positivity, logical thinking, and an inspirational meaning. Rather than letting fear guide your path, it helps you stay calm in self-analysis.

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