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An assortment of crystal bracelets

Rose Quartz- The stone of Love

Sodilite- Brings inner peace, insight and wisdom.

Hemitite- Grounding, dissipates neg energy.

Amethyst- Calms restless thoughts, protective, he@ling.

Moss Agate- The gardener's stone. 

Net Jasper- Creativity

Asterite Serpentine- Clear dense energies, earth stone

Bl@@dstone- Grounds, clarity, and helps to purify and detox's your body. 

Tigers Eye- focus, alertness, grounding.

Unikite- he@ling stone for the mind, love, happiness and kindness

Peace Jade- grounding, enhancing maturity in relationships, increasing fortune.

Lepidolite- helps to relieve stress, @nxiety, and depressi0n.

Obsidian- deflects neg energy, truth stone, helps to draw out ment@l stress.

Blue Gold Stone- Fabulous stone for the third eye