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The Sister Witch Company

Banishing Oil

Banishing Oil

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Magickal Handcrafted with intention and purpose, This Banishing oil is to be used for things no longer serving you in your highest, for breaking curses or spells that have been put on you by others, to set a shield of protection around you, moving through the negative energies that are holding you back,

How do i use Banishing oil- a few drops can be applied to a annoying  co workers area to keep them away from you,

use on your altar tool as you are working to keep anything you are looking to banish at bay,

add a few drops to a bucket of water to ward off unwanted guest in your home and add that extra added protection,

Candle Magick: Get a black candle and crave the name or situation you are looking to banish from your life, hold the candle upside down and in a turning motion counterclockwise use your oil starting at the bottom and oil your candle going over what you carved into the candle, make sure your intentions are clear. *To add extra boost to your candle magick be sure to use herbs that help with banishing and herb your candle after you oil it. 

sold in 1oz glass bottles, 

* All our oils are handcrafted here at The Sister Witch Company in Hooksett NH, made in small batches and worked around on the altar*

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