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Coffin Pendents

Coffin Pendents

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Who wouldn't want a beautiful coffin shaped pendant? with one of your favorite crystals beaming from within, 

Blue Fire Labradorite- with its intense beautiful hues of blues emanating from its sterling silver walls, this ignites healing energies, and energizes your soul, while empowering you through transformations.

Blue Fire Moonstone- this dazzling light show of a crystal soothes the soul. and promotes self-love, helping us see our worth through the dark times, and to always come out to the light, protecting us through the darkness, and nourishing us,

Carnelian- with this beautiful orange/red we find our motivation and courage, to keep moving forward, allowing us to step into our truth with our leadership goals and maintaining our endurance.

Black onyx- always stepping in with its protective qualities, allowing us the strength and stamina to fully transform.     

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