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The Sister Witch Company

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

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This is my personal go to when I'm in need, created for me, but knew I needed to share it with others, this oil is to be used when you feel like you have been cornered, feeling like there is no way out of a situation, that brings worry and stress,

this oil can be used for court dates as well, trouble in the work field or financial, your car tires, this is a powerhouse blend of essential oils resins and salts etc., blended to help you protect what is yours,

sold in 1oz glass bottles.

This is made to be worn on pulse points, back of neck, and on the souls of your shoes or feet, or anything that is in need of a wall of protection.

magically created and worked around by us here at The Sister Witch Company. 

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