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Hand-Poured Wood Wicked Zodiac Candles NOW $10.00 each

Hand-Poured Wood Wicked Zodiac Candles NOW $10.00 each

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Arabella Crystal Candles,

Each Scent and stone has been inspired by the Zodiacs corresponding earth elements,

AQUARIUS-  Jan-Feb A complex blend of bamboo foliage and rich green floral's. hidden inside is a Amethyst tumbled stone.      Top- Bergmot, Middle- Bamboo, Base -Violet

PISCES-  Feb-Mar Mysterious sent's of the lost city of Atlantis. Hidden inside is an Amazonite tumbled stone.  Top- plum,aromatic, azone  Middle- Flowery Base- Vanilla, Amber.

ARIES- March-April a sweet and sultry notes of amber, tobacco and sweet vanilla.

Top-coriander Middle- Spice Base-Tonka Bean Hidden Gem Carnelian.

GEMINI- Aug-Sept Sent of ocean breeze with top notes of Fresh Apple, melon, orange and bergamont.  Middle- Lavender and bois de rose. Base- Woody violet musk. the beautiful hidden Gem is a Moonstone.

CANCER- Jun-July   A Blend of hazelnuts and creamy vanilla. Top -coconut Middle- Hazelnut Base- Buttery vanilla, Hidden Gem Black Tourmaline.

LEO-  July-Aug   A spicy and sweet blended beautifully Top notes- Cinnamon, clove, cream. Middle- Nutmeg, vanilla bean, Base- Cinnamon bark, vanilla.

VIRGO- Aug-Sept  A fantastic way to welcome the start of fall. Top notes- Cranberry, berries, green. Middle- Herbaceous, Pine, Base- woody, sweet. Hidden Gem Red Jasper.

SCORPIO- Oct-Nov Caribbean Teak wood is masculine masterpiece leading with top notes of leather, tobacco, amber and musk. Top- Black tea, ginger, bergamont, cederwood. Middle- spices, vetiver, black pepper Base- Sandlewood, amber, musk. patchouli, pimento berry, Hidden Gem- Rose Quartz.

SAGITTARIUS- Nov-Dec     The true essence of sitting by a cozy fire note Profile:

Top- Clove, saffron Middle- Amber, woody Base- Sandlewood, Patchouli. Hidden Gem Citrine 

CAPRICORN- Dec- Jan this is a well balanced blend of masculine and feminine fragrance, Profile Note, Top note- Lemon, clove, jasmine, lavender, orange, Middle- Grapefruit, pineapple. Base- Fir, balsam, musk, patchouli. Hidden Gem - Onyx

These beautifully hand poured candles, are tastefully hand crafted with soy wax. A wood wick makes for a clean and fragrant burn! These candles are vegan-safe and smell absolutely delightful. 

Crafted to embody all that is - for every zodiac sign! With a hidden crystal which speak to the astrological sign itself! 

These candles will be seasonal and coincide with the specific zodiac seasons. 


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