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Raw Blue Kyanite

Raw Blue Kyanite

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These beautiful pieces of Blue Kyanite were mined in Brazil,  they were hand picked by us - ensuring that only the highest quality pieces with the most lovely energy came into our shop.

Kyanite itself is a powerful stone, which helps to deflect and recycle negative energy, easing the transformation within you - from negative to positive. It also helps us to attune ourselves to a higher consciousness and works beautifully in mediation work. Kyanite is the promoter of inner strength and will help you to grow. It provides you with the balance of yin and yang and will gently align your body overtime. 

The white quartz-like formations the Kyanite  - are formations of lithium which occur naturally in the Earth. Lithium is a powerful deliverer of energy, throwing positivity and strength in your direction while the Blue Kyanite does the heavy lifting of deflecting and protecting. 

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