Raw Hiddenite (From Brazil) small pieces

Raw Hiddenite (From Brazil) small pieces

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Hiddenite is an exceptionally special stone,which couples beautifully with many other crystals and their healing properties. 

Hiddenite helps those whom have difficulty expressing their emotions - especially love. It also can be especially beneficial to those who are blocked or closed off due to traumatic experiences and emotional pain. As it has a gentle and pulsing energy - of love and acceptance. 

Hiddenite is also helpful in making connections and strengthening bonds with twin flames, soul mates, and romantic relationships.

Lastly Hiddenite makes a wonderful healing stone for those that are dealing with a loss - whether this be a death, someone who has moved away, or a separation divorce. This crystal uses the vibrations of love to heal the soul and heart. 

Hiddenite is a stone we can only get several times a year, so get it while it lasts!

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