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Raw Kunzite (From Brazil!)

Raw Kunzite (From Brazil!)

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Kunzite's beautiful and gentle hues of purple and pink make this stone - The Women's Stone. It is exceptionally nurturing and perfect for all life cycles - the maiden, the mother and the crone. 

The gentle nurturing energy can support new or young mothers in the journey becoming a parent - it also works equally for animal mothers whom are struggling to care for their young. Further more, it soothes inconsolable babies and overactive children - calming their nervous and anxious energies. 

For those both young and old - Kunzite helps to break down the barriers built around the heart for protection, opening us to unconditional and abundant love which is around us. 

Lilac Kunzite is also extremely protective and helps to ground us when in places which have had negative events occur. While also calming the nervous energy we experience before tests, interviews, and exams. Excellent for those with test taking anxiety. 

Kunzite is all around - the perfect mother to all of your worries! 

Stones are picked for you, when purchasing online. 

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