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Smokeless Smudge Spray

Smokeless Smudge Spray

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Our smokeless smudge sprays are designed for clearing spaces and bringing peace to individuals. The smudge sprays are handmade and mixed by shop owner, Mary. She also takes the time to bless each batch of smudge spray throughout the full moon, then they are bottled. Our smudge sprays come in four separate mixes, utilizing different herbs. They create unique scents, to appeal to your individual preferences and needs. 

Camphor & Lemongrass - A sweet smell, with earthy tones. Excellent for your workspace due to its gentle smell and subtle aroma. 

Frankincense & Myrrh - A very powerful and religious combination. Excellent for clearing your home and in ritual spaces. Has a familiar smell with powerful religious symbolism. 

Lavender & Sage - A soft smell, with hints calming lavender. Excellent for in home, at work, or for use on yourself. The Lavender aroma helps with falling sleep and has a calming aspect.

Palo Santo and Ceder- a special blead of these two create and uplifting and high vibrational scent to elevate the energies around you, it puts you right at ease as you breath in,

spray on you, around your workspace on your bed, when coming out of a place that feels negative, take with you on the go or keep in your home, also if you live by us, and bring the bottle in when empty, we will refill it for a dollar off.

Weight: 8.30 oz

Size: Comes packaged in a 4oz mist bottle. 

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