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Super Seven Towers

Super Seven Towers

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A: is  5 3/4 inches high, bottom base is 1 3/4

B: is 4 7/8 inches high, bottom base is 1 7/8 inches

C: is 5 1/2 inches high, bottom base is 1 3/4 inches

D: is 4in high, bottom base measurement is 2inches wide


Super Seven also known as a Sacred Seven Stone or Melody Stone. These amazing crystals are found in only one place in the world the Minas Gerais region in Brazil. They have a very high energy and as absolutely amazing healing vibration. The Super Seven Crystals are supposed to represent the universal brother and sisterhood of humanity. This stone contains 7 different components:    Amethyst- Clear Quartz- Smokey Quartz- Cacoxenite- Rutile- Goethite- Lepidocrocite. This is what makes Super Sevens powerful.

The Super Seven is excellent for healing, balancing and energizing all seven Chakras. Other properties of Super Seven include: Opens up all of your senses and helps you see auras, stimulates and develops all types of psychic abilities including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling and telekinesis. A powerful stone for healing the earth, reaffirms your personal power, allows you to use your gifts to aid both yourself and the entire planet, gives guidance to help you to change the vibratory level of the whole planet and helps you to develop a stronger connection with Spirit via your Crown Chakra

The following are only a few of the metaphysical healing properties of each component of Super Seven Stones....

Amethyst- healing on all levels, high vibration, calms emotions and mind, strong psychic protection, bestows strength, stability, patience and calmness in stressful situations, and changes neg energy to pos energy.

Clear Quartz- works on all levels of the body, positive effect on all 7 of your main Chakras, protects your aura and expands your energy field.

Lepidocrocite- emotional healing, helps to experience Divine love, opens heart Chakra, strong barrier against negativity, helps promote grounding, centering and clear thinking, expanding and retaining knowledge.

Smokey Quartz- excellent grounding stone, amplifies energy, protects you from negativity and transmutes the energy by grounding it back down into the earth, enhances focus, attentiveness, creativity and good business acumen, excellent for those under stress.

Rutile-acts as an antenna to the Divine, aids in astral travel, heals emotional and mental imbalances, builds stability within relationships, brings strength, love and ease in making transitions, accelerates growth in all levels of the body, mind and spiritual development.

Goethite- helps make a deep connection to mother earth, heal past life problems by allowing access to relevant memories that can be used to make your intentions become reality.

Cacoxenite- raises vibrations, helps to bring your solar plexus into alignment with your divine purpose, enhances positive feelings, helps to eliminate psychic cords or neg attachments that have kept you tied to outdated feelings and relationships.


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