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6" Taper Candles

6" Taper Candles

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Taper candles fit beautifully in many decoration candle holders and are the perfect candles for magical ritual, deity work, and moon magick. Utilize these taper candles for whatever your magical needs are, for the day. Utilize color correspondence to increase your intentions.

Red Candles- are a unique way to tap into powerful energies related to love, power, and sex. Featuring a deep red hue which symbolizes vitality, these candles are perfect for channeling the energy of Scorpio and Aries. Light them in conjunction with black candles for a powerful effect. If you are doing zodiac rituals check out our Zodiac Oils

 Orange Candles- are the perfect boost for your career. Orange is a powerful color that promotes creativity, ambition, success, and energy. Light orange candles to attract new energy and increase your courage and inspiration before a job interview or other important moments. Our Road Opener Oil would pair nicely with any ritual done with an orange candle.

Yellow Candles- the perfect tool for sparking creativity, focus and intuition. Light a yellow candle to access the power of the mind and enhance communication in your relationships. With its natural connections to brainpower, endurance, stability, and cheerfulness. Yellow will help you find clarity in your matters of the heart and mind. Add an extra boost of energy with a  Golden Tiger Eye or Citrine crystal for a heightened spiritual experience.

Green Candle-   associated with financial success, abundance, healing, and Earthly elements. Green candles are traditionally used to attract luck and abundance, as well as to renew and heal. Our Money Draw Oil would pair perfectly with any ritual for abundance or financial success.

Blue Candle  symbolizes emotional connection and can help promote healing and restful sleep. They can also bring a sense of joy and laughter into your home.

Purple-   can help users tap into hidden knowledge and open the Third Eye. They are associated with the symbolic significance of purple and are great for psychic powers, meditation and seeking spiritual protection. They can also be used to seek forgiveness from the departed. Amplify by adding our Third Eye Oil

Pink Candle- the perfect choice for those seeking love, healing, and positive energy. Pink is the universal color of love and when lit, these candles signify the purest form of love, bringing with it joyful emotions and attracting attention. Whether it's from a romantic partner, family member, or friend, it will help you bring the love you desire. Also pairs nicely with our Come to me Oil

Brown Candle-   brown represent stability, concentration, material gain, and intuition. They are also believed to promote telepathic abilities and honor the balance of all living things. Lighting a brown candle shows reverence for the Earth and her inhabitants.

Black Candles-   are the perfect tool for banishing and absorbing negative energy. Use them in meditation to delve deeper into your unconsciousness, or to reverse any hexes or curses. Light them to repel black magic or rid yourself of bad habits, or to give strength and support when dealing with pain or grief. We also have a Banishing Oil and a Fiery Wall of Protection Oil that pair wonderfully with rituals such as these.

White Candle-   The color white symbolizes innocence, purity, and enlightenment, and burning white candles can help you to heal or repel negativity. By connecting with lunar energy, white can provide guidance and protection. Make the most of this universal color's power and bring peace and clarity to your space. Being a universal color white can be used in place of any other color candle. Would pair beautifully with our Healing Oil.



These candles measure 6" Tall.

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